Virtual Voices

Mastery of the Medium

Communicating virtually, whether it be via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Adobe Connect or telephone, is here to stay. TJC will ensure the mastery of the medium, ensuring uptake regardless of the platform.

Virtual Communication

Virtual communication in business is here to stay – technology allows us to “meet” with anyone in anyplace at any time.  The dynamic of a virtual meeting is completely different from a live encounter and adjustments must be made both visually and aurally in order to ensure engagement, retention and action.
Virtual meetings can be deadly without the necessary pre-work, organization and appropriate execution. This session is a must for those who conduct business via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facetime, telephone conference, WebEx and/or webinar, or video conferencing. Strategies to maximize virtual meeting outcomes will include
  • Setting the frame
  • Ensuring engagement by all participants
  • Developing impactful visuals
  • Elevating vocal skills
  • Increasing retention through internal summaries
  • Creating clear messaging
  • Articulating outcomes/next steps
“A successful strategist must have keen insight and sound judgement…Tamara possesses both. Tamara’s quick-witted “tell it like it is” delivery and unmatched communications strategies have proven to be extremely valuable in my overall development and growth.”
Patricia Lawrence, Esq., PLK Law Group