Feminine Force

Speak Like a Leader

Women need to have more than a seat at the table – they must be a voice in the room.  This series of seminars and coachings will reinforce how to “Speak like a leader” in order to be heard, remembered and respected both personally and professionally

Women’s Leadership – The Feminine Voice

Despite the progress that has been made, statistics on women’s leadership in business still tell an unbalanced story.  Most recent surveys reveal that women hold 38% of manager-level positions vs. men who hold 62%.  The numbers go down from their with women in senior management – 33%, vice presidents – 29%, senior vice presidents – 28%, and c-suite positions – 21%.  Clearly, much work has to be done, and it’s up to women to do it!

You can Lead at all Levels® and Lead Without Labels®.  But in order to be a leader, you have to speak like a leader!   This will not only get you a place at the table, but it will also ensure that you’ll have a voice in the room.

This dynamic and far-reaching session will discuss 10 ways women can communicate with confidence, as well as solutions for how women can communicate authority on the telephone, in the conference room, via Zoom, or at the podium – ways women can make themselves heard, remembered and respected both personally and professionally.

By the conclusion of The Feminine Force, all participants will be able to:

  • Be a powerful presence and identify/eliminate self-trivializing language
  • Prevent the unconscious apology
  • Ways to avoid being interrupted
  • Overcome being intimidated
  • Identify speech and vocal habits that get in your way
  • Use appropriate body language, eye contact, and facial expression
  • Have the last word and take credit for for your ideas
“Thank you again for giving our women attorneys (and even a couple of men!) such outstanding presentations in San Francisco and Los Angeles! The feedback from all offices, including our European and Asian offices, has been wonderful and everyone has learned so much from the wealth of knowledge that you shared. You were every bit as outstanding as I expected you to be and then some!”
Despina Kartson, Chief Marketing Officer, BakerHostetler, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Latham & Watkins
“As I transitioned to a highly challenging new career, Tamara personally tutored me on the art and science of making great first impressions of communicating “smart and capable” by simply walking in the door.   But Tamara Jacobs is far more than a coach.  She is a brilliant, talented woman and leader.   Her guidance and her fine example continue to assist me in realizing my potential every day.”
Alice P. DiMarzio MS FRICS, Principal, Lachemont Capital, LLC Former Senior Managing Director, NGKF Capital Markets