Mark Twain is famous for saying, “People forget headlines, but stories stay with you.” TJC will advance the team’s ability to go from “story telling” to “story selling” making what they say memorable and actionable.

Turn “Story Telling” into “Story Selling”

Psychologists and CEO’s have studied how stories affect impact and retention; concluding that “verbal visuals” are more persuasive than argument and evidence.

Being able to build a story with an audience-focused moral as well as becoming a compelling storyteller is critical to audience engagement and career advancement. These skills will foster the ability to bring people into the speaker’s world, taking the listener on a journey ending with a mission in mind and a benefit to the group, empowering the storyteller to communicate, educate and motivate others. Storytelling is a time-tested method to advocate for information and change behavior.

In this robust, multi-part experience, participants will learn how to make their content personal, use the power of adjectives and adverbs, chapter stories (to create peaks and valleys, practice intonation and pitch placement, paint with visuals, perfect the art of the narrative, and leverage the moral of the story to enhance their personal brand.

“Beyond all the tips and learnings, I was so inspired by your energy, presence, humor, strength, agility – your ability to jump in and improve any presentation no matter the content is incredible. Most importantly, thank you for being such a strong (female) model. To close, thank you, thank you, thank you (see – 3 times!)”
Elisheva Jasie, Head of Partnerships & Licensing, Vicente & Partners
“In my 25+ years as a career businessman, there are only a chosen few that have provided such indelible lessons which challenged my boundaries, built unthinkable confidence, and elevated my personal brand. “Thank you, Tamara, for being one of those rare, yet special people.”
Thomas G. Kolaras, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Medical Therapeutics at Endo Pharmaceuticals
“Thank you so much for your coaching Greg! The link below has a video of the conference…My monologue is at the beginning. I tried to incorporate all your pointers…I could not have done this without you.”
Mark B. Sherkey, Director, Global Commercial Strategy, CAR-T