Conducting Workshops

Mastering the Climb: Were You Meant For More?

Intelligent, competent people have their success thwarted at every turn because of the way they approach common to complex situations with conditioned, defensive and even self-destructive behaviors.  With principles based on understanding, strategic application, and follow-through, this course will teach you to Com-YOU-nicate® your worth while enhancing your self-worth, suppress the apology reflex, say what you mean – not what you think they want to hear, vent with purpose and let go of fear and negotiate from a position of strength.

Develop Your Leadership Latitude

In order to be known, trusted/liked, and ultimately used, you must be tenacious about your work, respectful of your colleagues, and confident when communicating successes. It’s critical that you be seen in the right way in order to be heard, and above all, remembered. Your behavior, personal packaging, and energy, in tandem with effective communication skills, will lead you down the road to success. This vital course will deliver the rationale and methodologies around such essential and trademarked concepts as engage and empower, partner, not pander, authoritative vs. authoritarian, enlisting vs. telling behavior, tone and word choices and praise paraphrase.

The S.T.E.P (Speak To Engage & Promote) Approach to Outcome-Based Conversations

In the digital age, conversations take place over a wide variety of venues and platforms, with varying degrees of contact and interaction. Regardless of the delivery system, managers must be able to engage and persuade according to the desired outcomes. Our customized, immediately actionable program will provide a template by which each participant will be able to demonstrate advocacy, create the necessary objective awareness, and drive appropriate resolution. This timely and innovative webinar/workshop will concentrate on ways to define your mission, champion the plan, commit to the outcome, uncover to engage (air the “good, bad and ugly”), deflect and defend and advocate with passion vs. emotion.

Persuasive Presentations

Today, we must speak to persuade as well as inform. Our goal is to compel people to ACT on the information we present. We call this PERSUASIVE SPEECH and every business professional should know how to use this powerful technique. This workshop focuses on identifying, practicing and perfecting PERSUASIVE SPEECH.

Get It “Write”

Regardless of your field, your ability to draft impactful, “to the point” and action-driving communications, including emails, correspondence, speech/meeting scripts and marketing/training materials, is critical. This two-part workshop discusses the essentials around crafting attention-grabbing business prose that will retain the readers’ interest, efficiently inform, and deliver desired outcomes. The second part will allow all participants to employ their new awareness to create a specific written project for critique and feedback.

“Tamara Jacobs… was by far and away our most expert facilitator. Her interactive style and overall advice for our graduate students – who are emerging leaders in the fields of public policy and urban planning – was exceptional…Tamara’s advice and strategies are second to none!”
Hillary M. Bardwell, Assistant Director of Career Services and Alumni Relations, Rutgers University
“Nothing is more gratifying than taking a team from good to great and I’m forever indebted to Tamara for doing just that! We will continue to bring Tamara in to drive greatness and I have all the confidence in the world that the progress will continue.”
Terry Davidson, National Sales Director, Johnson & Johnson