Teambuilding is more than leaning in – it’s leaning on, listening to and learning from each other.

Evolve a Team of Leaders into a Leadership Team – TEAMBUILDING

Whether exploring ways to set goals, clarify roles, solve problems, develop better interpersonal relations while bonding through having a purpose-driven shared experience, these sessions sessions will have a major impact on team effectiveness, and performance. TJC has a track record of success, working with large and small teams, virtual and live, across a wide spectrum of industries and functions. All programs are customized for each group, ensuring that desired outcomes are exceeded, and engagement is guaranteed!

“Like no other, Tamara has the ability to extract the critical components of leadership, authenticity and success vs. the superficial activities often seen in Corporate America.  Tamara’s professional experience with senior executives from Fortune 50 companies and more, gives her a unique vantage point to know what these executives are looking for from their management team.”
Kendall A. Qualls, President at TakeCharge