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Mastering the Climb: Were You Meant For More?

Many of us self-sabotage our goals, careers and lives on a daily basis. Intelligent, competent people have their success thwarted at every turn because of the way they approach common to complex situations with conditioned, defensive and even self-destructive behaviors – and most of the time, don’t even realize it.

Somewhere between self-help and self-promotion lies self-awareness.

With principles based on awareness, forgiveness, strategic application, and follow-through, this course will teach you to:

  • Com-YOU-nicate® your worth while enhancing your self-worth
  • Suppress the apology reflex
  • Say what you mean. Not what you think they want to hear
  • Develop an impactful plan of action that motivates people to do something (sharing makes it optional)
  • Vent with purpose - Don’t taste the whine®
  • Let go of fear and negotiate from a position of strength
  • Perception is the key to your success – both in the acting and the asking

Develop Your Leadership Latitude

In order to be known, trusted/liked, and ultimately used, you must be tenacious about your work, 
respectful of your colleagues, and confident when communicating successes.  You must be seen in the 
right way in order to be heard, and above all, remembered.  Your behavior, personal packaging, and 
energy, in tandem with effective communication skills, will lead you down the road to success.  There’s 
no need to go “outside” when the right individuals are “inside.”  This vital course will deliver the 
rationale and methodologies around such essential and trademarked concepts as:

  • Engage and empower (no “wrong” in the room)
  • Partner not pander
  • Authoritative vs. authoritarian
  • Demonstrate self-awareness via benefit-driven self-promotion techniques
  • Build effective teams by encouraging ways to develop enlisting vs. telling behavior, tone and word choices
  • Act decisively/keeping ahead of audience comments and concerns (process and filter before reacting and responding)
  • Praise/paraphrase

Etiquette Advantage

Most business today is conducted not only at the conference table or in an office setting, but in a variety of social settings as well.  Clients want to know that the professional they are dealing with is considerate, capable, and comfortable.  In today’s business environment, it’s about professional presence – what we call “personal packaging.”  It’s about branding yourself, becoming a business partner known for politeness as well as power.  Manners are mandatory!  They are universally based upon the concept of consideration for others.  They provide a common code of behavior, a broad-based approach to what is acceptable and successful when you meet, talk, dine, drink, entertain, and travel.  Manners are like roadmaps – guiding you with efficiency and ease as you blend business and social situations.  Enhanced etiquette awareness and sharpened social skills will help participants develop new client relationships and retain the ones they already have.  Manners are both practical and pertinent in today’s business world.

This course will cover everything from handling the handshake to dining diversity.  It will involve The 6 Pillars of Etiquette Empowerment:

  • Personal packaging –buying and building your wardrobe
  • Executive presence – the art of visual and verbal impact
  • Professional grooming – hygiene imperatives
  • Mastering manners – understanding and applying social normsDiners delight – be memorable in the right way
  • Elevate your emails – make them timely and appropriate 

The S.T.E.P (Speak To Engage & Promote) approach to Outcome-Based Conversations

In the digital age, conversations take place over a wide variety of venues and platforms, with varying degrees of contact and interaction. Regardless of the delivery system, managers must be able to engage and persuade according to the desired outcomes.   Our customized, immediately actionable program will provide a template by which each participant will be able to demonstrate advocacy, create the necessary objective awareness, and drive appropriate resolution.  The S.T.E.P. seminar is targeted for "people managers" providing strategic, sequenced, and immediately applicable methodology to prepare and conduct challenging conversations in business and non-professional settings, in order to achieve specifically identified outcomes.  In times of change, expansion/contraction, transition, and individual or group performance issues (positive and negative) this quick, yet comprehensive, phased learning experience will deliver each participant key steps to conduct focused, candid and results-driven conversations.

This timely and innovative webinar/workshop will concentrate on ways to:

  • Define your mission
  • Champion the plan
  • Identify the “must airs” 
  • Commit to the outcome
  • Uncover to engage (air the “good, bad and ugly”)
  • Deflect and defend
  • Advocate with passion vs. emotion

Turn Storytelling into “Story Selling”

According to Rudyard Kipling, author of the famous, Jungle Book – “If history was taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”  Now, more than 100 years later, psychologists and CEO’s have begun to seriously study how stories affect impact and retention; concluding that “verbal visuals” are proving more persuasive than argument and evidence.  

Becoming a compelling storyteller is critical to audience engagement and career advancement.  Being able to bring people into your world, taking the listener on a journey ending with a mission in mind and a benefit to the group empowers the storyteller to communicate, educate and motivate others.  Storytelling is a time honored way to advocate for your information and change behavior.  

Learn to:

  • Make it personal
  • Use the power of adjectives and adverbs
  • Chapter your story (create dramatic peaks and valleys)
  • Practice intonation and pitch placement
  • Paint with verbal visuals
  • Understand the power of pause
  • Perfect the art of a narrative well told with a moral to me

Persuasive Presentations

Today, we must speak to persuade as well as inform. Our goal is to compel people to ACT on the information we present. We call this PERSUASIVE SPEECH and every business professional should know how to use this powerful technique. This workshop focuses on identifying, practicing and perfecting PERSUASIVE SPEECH. Fast, proven techniques to:

  • Identify the ultimate outcome
  • Determine what the audience really wants and needs to know
  • Capitalize on your personal communications assets
  • Modify your communication style for any audience, in any setting
  • Organize material clearly and concisely
  • Maintain control while answering questions
  • Use visual support material for maximum impact
  • Keep it conversational

Sell, Don’t Tell

It may not always be possible to make a sale in 30 seconds, but it can be lost! Create an interactive dialogue with your customer or prospect by emphasizing the need to be perceived as "value added" from the onset. This workshop combines sound selling skills with a practical application of our trademarked communication concepts. Develop and sustain increased business through greater engagement and understanding. You will learn how to...

  • Make it interactive up-front
  • Adapt and develop a flexible agenda
  • Use non-verbal nuances
  • Learn the art of bridging and redirecting
  • Improve your listening skills and lead techniques
  • Customize calls
  • Develop what we call, The Engaging Open and Convincing Close™

Virtual Voices

Effective virtual meetings can be deadly without the necessary pre-work, organization and appropriate execution. This workshop is a must for those who conduct business via telephone conference, WebEx and/or webinar, or video conferencing. Strategies to maximize virtual meeting outcomes will include:

  • Setting appropriate agendas and meeting timings
  • Ensuring engagement by all participants
  • Developing impactful visuals
  • Elevating vocal prowess
  • Increasing retention through internal summaries
  • Creating uncluttered messaging
  • Articulating outcomes/next steps
  • Virtual meeting follow-up

The Art of Conversational Negotiation

With a win-win outcome in mind, it's not about what the presenter wants, it's about what the audience needs -in terms of interest, value, and outcome. This workshop will focus on the art of interaction - empowering the audience to participate, adjusting to achieve: to realize the outcome vs the agenda. It's about reading verbal and nonverbal cues, being flexible about process and firm about the goal. It's about dialogue vs monologue. In short, it's fine-tuning the presenter's powers of persuasion through the contemporary approach of conversation vs presentation. It's about establishing partnerships and developing product champions. This session will focus on more individualized opportunities through one-on-one attention and feedback for each workshop participant. Key concepts to be discussed:

  • Approach every selling situation as a successful negotiation
  • Become audience focused instead of speaker focused
  • Increase message retention of your listeners
  • Improve your organization of ideas for greater impact
  • Master the art of effective dialogue
  • Create rapport with a partner
  • Achieve your desired outcome in every communication exchange

Get It “Write”

Regardless of your field, your ability to draft impactful, "to the point" and action-driving communications, including emails, correspondence, speeches/meeting scripts and marketing/training materials, is critical. This two-part workshop discusses the essentials around crafting attention-grabbing business prose that will retain the readers' interest, efficiently inform, and deliver desired outcomes. The second part will allow all participants to employ their new awareness to create a specific written project for critique and feedback.

Key concepts will include:

  • The open and close is everything
  • Word power - selection and usage
  • Less is always more
  • Avoid minimizers/employ drivers
  • Always explain your terms
  • What's the point?
  • Determine your "must airs"
  • The Rhythm of Three™

Facile Facilitation

The corporate world spends much of its time at meetings - accomplishing little, and, as a result, having more meetings. This seminar focuses on the role of the meeting leader (facilitator) and how specific skills can drive consensus and appropriate next steps. Using a driving metaphor and customized set of named skills, the participants are taken on a sequenced journey through:

  • Effective agenda setting
  • Asking the right questions
  • Connecting and encouraging participation
  • Prioritizing
  • Scribing
  • Recognizing verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Navigating around disruptive behaviors
  • Gaining consensus and defining action items




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