Tamara…Thank you for your support and coaching along the way...you really helped me during a critical period in my career.  Thank you for what you are doing with all of our employees around J&J and the broader HC industry.
Alex Gorsky
Chairman & CEO, Johnson & Johnson

You were the one who first heard my voice…I will always remember our first conversation…it was transformational for me! Thank you!!
Ester Banque, Oncology General Manager, Germany Novartis Pharma GmbH

Your relentless pursuit of excellence ensured success today. Thank you very much, Tamara.
Christi Shaw Sr. Vice President & President, Lilly Bio Medicines

Tamara is an amazing talent… I have seen her work communication miracles... I view her as a “communication surgeon”...even though I am now retired; I have recommended her recently to help a CEO whose skills need surgery!!!

Larry Pickering Former Chairman of Global Healthcare Partners, Credit Suisse, Private Equity, LLC Former Chairman of Worldwide Consumer Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson

You got through to every doctor, convincing them to modify and improve.  This was the first time each and every attendee expressed that they had received ‘takeaways’  to make them better and more effective.  With your participation we can potentially transform our commercial efforts and impact the success of Covance.
Kenneth Somberg, MD,MBA
Chief Medical Officer, Covance

It is easy to shine with a bright light in the room, and you were our bright and powerful light. Your personality and extensive depth of knowledge is educational, exhilarating and contagious! I have received nothing but positive feedback from the group. I have already started putting together an agenda for our opening Town Hall meeting next year, and I am requesting that you once again participate.
Robert Ackerman
Vice President, B&AS, Novartis

It was great to see you at the launch and then on our journey back to New Jersey. I spoke to Alex this morning and we both think the world of you, your talent and especially your personality. It is so refreshing to be with someone who both "gets it" as well as effectively improves our communication styles.
Kevin Rigby
Vice President, Public Affairs, Novartis

Thank you for all of your hard and smart work on the 1H meeting.  Your experienced input on content and tone, as well as excellent coaching were essential to the success of the meeting.
Tracy Furey
Vice President, Public Affairs, Patient Advocacy & Communications, North America Oncology, Novartis

Tamara, I have just completed my twenty fifth year in this business and have seen and experienced many things.  I have had great coaching and guidance throughout the years, and have also seen not so great leadership.  Time brings many exposures!  I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I have been with you and your incredible expertise and approaches to improve Amgen’s messaging and communication strategies.  You truly made a measureable difference in the outcomes of our strategies which have, in my estimation, returned revenues to our bottom line.  It was amazing to watch the teams transform and mold into a unified unit and make the messages crystal clear and easy to remember.  Your help, methods, and coaching around individuals’ presentation skills are second to none.  On a personal note, I would like to thank you for helping me to become even better at my skills.  You are a true professional and provide great value.  The bottom line is that you make people better!  What more could be asked for!  I hope to keep in touch as we move forward.  Thanks again, for all that you have done to help.  It has been an honor to have worked and learned from you.  
Joe Turgeon
VP Sales & Marketing, Amgen

Perfect describes how everyone felt about Friday morning. You were amazing!  We all repeated our newly learned skills all weekend.
Susan H. Weinkle, MD
President, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

Thanks for your fantastic, holistic and all changing multimedia presentation!!!!Your ideas resonated immediately with the whole group. Susan was brilliant to invite you - you gave a perspective that invigorated us all!!!
Jean Carruthers, MD
Fellow American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Thank you and I can't wait to see you again. I am officially a Tamara groupie.
Mary P. Lupo, MD
Founder & Director of Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology

Thank you for two great meetings and all your valuable insights during the sessions.  Your input and coaching makes sense and it can change a person’s career in a positive manner.  I am implementing your techniques daily and I am now teaching these techniques to the representatives in the district I am temporarily managing.  I spoke with one of the reps this morning and she asked how the class went yesterday.  She was excited to hear if I learned anything new.  I worked with this rep last week for the first time.  I coached her with some of the concepts you taught me last year in Washington DC.  I told her I took 5 pages of notes yesterday and I can’t wait to work with her and dig into these concepts with her.  This was also the rep that asked for the audio version of your book.  Thank you for making me better and helping me shape others in a positive manner.
Matthew Martello
Director, Healthcare Policy and Advocacy, Johnson & Johnson

Thank you again for giving our women attorneys (and even a couple of men!) such outstanding presentations in San Francisco and Los Angeles! The feedback from all offices, including our European and Asian offices, has been wonderful and everyone has learned so much from the wealth of knowledge that you shared. You were every bit as outstanding as I expected you to be and then some!
Despina Kartson
Chief Marketing Officer, Latham & Watkins

She was dynamic and had everyone’s attention from start to finish.  I have never seen Blackberry’s used so infrequently at a two hour meeting.
Sharon Bowen
Partner, Latham & Watkins, Co-Chair, Diversity Committee, and Chair, Diversity Hiring Subcommittee of the Recruiting Committee

I am so pleased at the outcome of the Women In Leadership event and know that many women walked out very energized and ready to take control of their careers, including myself.
Angie Gutermuth
Senior Marketing Manager, Gerber

Best WIN event to date. Please tell me we taped today’s event for others to see.
Ila Eckhoff
Managing Director, BlackRock, Inc.

Tamara, congratulations on a well-executed meeting.  You are an amazing, capable, competent woman. Your no nonsense direct approach, humor, and strategic direction are appreciated and valued.   We appreciate greatly the opportunity to partner with you on this Women’s Summit.
Garrett Ingram
Associate Vice President, Novo Nordisk

Subject: “Tamara Jacobs is Awesome – Should be Mandatory for everyone at BlackRock
You were awesome and I believe there will be many more opportunities for you within greater BlackRock. (That is my plan).Our sincere thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share your insight at our recent Women’s Initiative Network event.
Judy Rice
Director, BlackRock, Inc.

Thank you for all your help and support leading up to and during our Sales meeting last week.  Your talents allowed all of us to speak as one consistent voice.  A voice that provided clear direction while at the same time resulted in a meeting that was highly motivational and has gone a tremendous way in developing the trust necessary in senior management that will get the job done!
David Mann
Retired VP Sales, Lantheus

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to coach me last week. You don't know how much it meant to me to have someone like you listen to me and provide me with practical solutions. I truly appreciate your patience, your kindness and your suggestions. It was a very valuable session to me. I learnt a lot from our conversation and feel that I've gained a better perspective on many things now.
Sonia Wang
BlackRock Inc., Global Allocation

Let me take this opportunity to share some feedback about the presentation. Yesterday, Kathleen and I attended a reception in New York for WIN East, which included BlackRock offices from New York, Princeton, Boston and Delaware. Members were asked in advance to share stories of WIN events held through the year that had an impact on them. The top three participants shared their stories. A colleague from our Delaware office spoke about your presentation. The two takeaways this woman spoke about were “Hope is not a plan, and success is a planned event.” She went on to say that she is the person who always hopes for the best and never spent much time planning. But those words changed her thought process, and now she is a planner. She shared this story with colleagues including Larry Fink, our CEO and Rob Kapito, our president along with other senior managers of BlackRock. We were very pleased that this event caught so much attention especially with a member who was viewing the presentation via video at a remote location. There is still plenty of buzz about the presentation, and we are very grateful that you came to our office to share it.
Marilyn Muzyk
Vice President, Mutual Fund Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Tamara Jacobs over the past 2 years.  I work for Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the largest healthcare company in the world and manage an experienced team of professionals (20+ years of experience) where influencing skills and personal branding are critical to our business.  Despite the years of experience the team’s leadership skills were average.  In addition, it was not clear to business partners what our team did and what good looked like. Tamara instantly made an impact with my team.  She quickly established credibility, earned respect of the entire team and guided each member of the team to create a personal development plan.  In fact, after the first session with Tamara my most seasoned employee was elated.  He told me “I have to admit I was not excited about coming in today.  I figured it was going to be another waste of a day.  Well, I was wrong.  That was the best 6 hour meeting I’ve had in my 30 years at J&J!”  It wasn’t long before our business partners and executives throughout the company were noticing.  Not only were they noticing, but they were asking “how did you do it?” followed by “can you help my team?”  Integrating Tamara’s simple rules, imparted to us through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops into all relationship opportunities, became natural for the team and this energized them.  
Nothing is more gratifying than taking a team from good to great and I’m forever indebted to Tamara for doing just that! We will continue to bring Tamara in to drive greatness and I have all the confidence in the world that the progress will continue.  
Terry Davidson
Director, Health Policy & Strategy, Johnson & Johnson

Thank you so very much for presenting the class of 2013 students with your Be The Brand executive leadership workshop. It was engaging, personal, insightful, and relevant.
I knew I liked you when I read your book, then even more when I met you, and now I have even more respect and admiration for your unique content and effervescent delivery.
Dr. Brooke Carlson
School of Graduate Studies, Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing and Management, Fashion Institute of Technology

I just wanted to say thank you for your Be The Brand – Coty training.  It was such a wonderful, eye opening, thought provoking and educational experience for me.  I’ve taken many of your lessons to heart and have already adopted some as personal mantras.  In particular, I expect the “perfect is the enemy of good” credo and a focus on mission and benefit based persuasion to serve me well in presentations, my career and more importantly – in life generally. Also, beyond all the tips and learnings, I was so inspired by your energy, presence, humor, strength, agility – your ability to jump in and improve any presentation no matter the content is incredible.  Most importantly, thank you for being such a strong (female) model.  To close, thank you, thank you, thank you (see – 3 times!)
Elisheva Jasie
Assistant General Counsel, Coty, Inc.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Rutgers/The Bloustein School and present as our keynote speaker/facilitator for the workshop today. Your interactive presentation (and overall advice) for our graduate students - as emerging leaders - was so inspirational. You gave them so many "take-away" items upon which to act both short-term while in class and in the interview; and long term throughout their careers. From now on, their mantra is: I.C.E.D.! I am anxious to witness this transformation evolve with these students who attended, as I know they will put these strategies to good use immediately. It was truly the buzz the rest of the afternoon!
Hillary M. Bardwell, Assistant Director of Career Services and Alumni Relations, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey




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