Dynamic Inter-Active Keynotes Will Dramatically Enhance Your Group’s Performance

Be The Brand

We will demonstrate our unique and trademarked approach to branding and framing. Each individual must be able to create and promote their message while developing their personal brand, which directly promotes their equity during each and every interaction. Enhanced strategic organizational practices will make each participant more effective, persuasive, and memorable. Organization, however, cannot stand alone. Social dynamics, appearance, approach, and interaction work in aggregate to create impact. Participants will be introduced to and have the opportunity to practice these hallmark concepts.

In today’s increasingly diverse business setting, with heightened awareness of listener’s vested self-interest, gender and ethnicity, a “one size fits all” approach to communication is no longer effective. The style of the speaker must be adapted to the audience and aligned with the outcome. This innovative session will focus on the essentials of “I.C.E.D.™” (Impress, Connect, Engage, Declare). This high energy keynote will combine the synergy of personal packaging, strategy and impactful communication skills as the interdependent essentials necessary for audience’s understanding, retention and taking action. Impactful and instructive videos, engaging probes and demonstrable exercises will create a vivid dialogue approach vs. didactic monologue.

Feminine Force

10 ways women can communicate with confidence. Solutions for how women can communicate authority on the telephone, in the conference room or at the podium. Ways women can make themselves heard, remembered and respected both personally and professionally.

  • Project your own unique style with confidence and credibility
  • State an opinion assertively
  • Identify and eliminate self-trivializing language
  • Prevent the unconscious apology
  • Manage nervousness
  • Ways to avoid being interrupted
  • Having the last word
  • Overcome being intimidated
  • Identify speech and vocal habits that get in your way
  • Use appropriate body language, eye contact, and facial expression
  • Powerful presence

Etiquette – It’s Everyone’s Business

Most business today is conducted not only at the conference table or in an office setting, but in a variety of social settings as well. In today's business environment, it's about professional presence - what we call "personal packaging". It's about branding yourself, becoming a business partner known for politeness as well as power.

Manners are mandatory! They provide a common code of behavior, a broad-based approach to what is acceptable and successful when you meet, talk, dine, drink, entertain and travel. Manners are like roadmaps - guiding you with efficiency and ease as you blend business and social situations.

During this workshop participants will be introduced to the essentials of etiquette and the reasons for the rules. Once attendees become familiar with these guidelines, they will find them easy to apply, freeing them from the discomfort of uncertainty and the fear of offending someone in an important social and/or business situation. Enhanced etiquette awareness and sharpened social skills will help participants develop new client relationships and retain the ones they already have. Key topics to be discussed include:

  • Pre-dining etiquette - extending the invitation
  • At the restaurant - pre-planning and meal maneuvers
  • Ingratiating introductions
  • Executive entertainment - conducting business at the ballet, ball game, or on the golf course
  • Conquering the cocktail party
  • Gift giving - when a card makes better sense than a gift
  • Tackling the tradeshow, conference or convention - proper "boothmanship"
  • Demeanor and dress
  • Big problems with small talk
  • Business letters that leverage
  • Notable thank you notes
  • Put it on "vibrate" - the appropriate use of cell phones and other "24/7" devices

Change is Endemic: Strategic Agility is Mandatory

In today’s business environment, the only thing you can be sure of is change. Yet our ability to handle change, be it seismic or minimal, as well as seamlessly transition, presents a multitude of challenges for leaders, managers and individual contributors alike. This innovative keynote focuses on a sequenced methodology around “Anticipate, Analyze, Act” – how we need to go beyond the status quo to determine that change must take place, what specific changes need to be implemented to address the issues that arise, and how these changes are to be rolled out. An integral part of this discussion is the importance of the strategic communications that accompany each phase of transforming organization, team or methodology. This keynote is ideal for employees at any level, who need to understand the importance of their role in designated as well as ongoing change management.

Success Is A Planned Event

Without a consistent and defined preparation process that allows for a synergistic and engaging approach, corporate teams, as well as individuals, are left to their own devices with a series of ad hoc, content-focused presentations that are not specifically designed to enhance/advance the corporate brand or persuade clients of the unique value it brings to the table. This keynote is dedicated to creating an aura of consistency for your company, while empowering participants to focus and customize on the needs of every client audience. We have developed the communication/ presentation strategy for business engagements, consulted and coached commercial and scientific industry professionals and trained KOLs to present, promote, and advance company and product attributes (findings) to scientific peers and decision makers in small venues, and at national as well as international conferences in Europe and the Far East. By constructing each engagement on the foundation of inclusion (we, versus I, me or my - implied partnership), the importance of impact (versus merely transferring information) and delivering the "why" (why the audience should care versus what the team wants to say), and declaring the benefits of collaboration and partnership, we can help drive a synergistic and seamless approach to the art of successful business presentations.

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