TJC, Inc.’s one-on-one and group executive coachings elevate individual and corporate performance

Lead At Every Level

Developing a strong personal brand that connects diverse people and ideas, driving organizational culture (or transforming it), and creating an environment of inclusion and trust, are the leadership imperatives. “Lead At Every Level” takes all participants to an enhanced level of influence, persuasion and performance. Key concepts will include:

  • How to influence without authority
  • Driving outcome-based conversations
  • Ensuring there’s no “wrong” in the room
  • Keeping it inclusive
  • Stating the “why” before the “what”
  • Controlling conflict
  • Enlisting with benefits

Managing the Media

With 68% of the US population getting all their news from electronic media, it is essential to prepare for interviews on television & radio, blogs, social media and digital feeds, as well as newspapers & magazines. “Managing the Media” focuses on assessing and refining your interview skills so that you may...

  • control the exchange of information in any media environment
  • successfully navigate a variety of interview situations.
  • effectively communicate key message points.
  • communicate in both a newsworthy and persuasive manner

The challenge for each participant is to clarify and limit the information he of she offers - to present expertise and knowledge in a succinct and authoritative manner. Topics covered include:

  • Conforming to the medium (the art of the sound bite)
  • Keeping it conversational
  • Positioning key points
  • Looking comfortable and credible

Connect & Persuade

In today's fast-paced and complex information landscape where everything is instant and increasingly interactive, the ability to engage, involve and lead an audience can be challenging. Trainers should keep in mind that more often than not, their audiences are primarily defined by the attitudes and expectations of Gen Y’s and X’s whose immediate access to information has sharply narrowed attention spans. In “Connect & Persuade”, we conduct and record simulated situations for analysis and critique. We will focus on...

  • analysis of adult learning principles and how to implement, ie; soliciting input and empowering others to participate
  • praise/paraphrase: developing your feedback skills.
  • identifying and developing effective communication skill sets of trainers such as:
    • techniques to encourage dialogue
    • reading and responding to body language
    • spatial positioning, seating configurations and room setup
    • animated listening, effective Q&A management
    • buying time to formulate correct answers
    • engaging and deflecting comments
    • measurement of success by outcomes, not agendas
  • Overcoming slideshow dependency
  • Ways to control sidebar conversations, neutralize the disrupter, enlist low energy/low interest attendees
  • How to arrive at consensus and collective "buy-in"

Outcome Based Conversations (Live or Virtual)

This tactical 45-minute webinar or live workshop, The S.T.E.P (Speak To Engage & Persuade) approach to Outcome-Based Conversations, will provide sequenced, tactical and immediately applicable methodology to prepare and conduct challenging conversations in business and non-professional settings, in order to achieve specifically identified outcomes. Participant uptake and pull-through will be achieved through our tiered trademarked approach using situational examples, such as:

  • Shift from speaker to recipient focus
  • Relatable stories with applicable morals and messages
  • Role play the response prior to engagement
  • Code switch to connect
  • Listen, paraphrase, respond
  • Uncover to engage (air the 'good, bad and ugly')
  • Everyone must experience an incremental win

Projecting Professional Image

Newly hired employees bring with them the perceptions of their new company and expectations of their new job. New employers are operating with, and judging them against, accepted corporate norms. When those perceptions and expectations don't meet reality, questions arise. Employees begin to question their role and acceptance within the company, and employers begin to question their hiring decisions.

PROJECTING A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE gives new employees the tools to assess their expectations and perceptions against reality and provide tools to adjust their behavior and appearance to achieve positive results. Elements include:

  • Packaging YOU as the product
  • From dressing for success to effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Reading and reacting to your environment




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