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#BiteSizeSelfie on #TheGirlSpot w/ Motivational Coach, Tamara Jacobs! @kristenbrockman @theamandasalas pic.twitter.com/8jzYD5SmId
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Hooray for the Holiday!

Fat Tuesday -- or eat whatever you want today,..
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Score A Victory on “V” Day

If there's one thing Valentine's Day proves, it's that Americans are in love with love.  According to American Express' Spending and Saving Tracker, s...
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There’s No Business Like “Snow Business”

Next to the ridiculously one-sided Super Bowl, the subject in many of our minds is the challenging weather, especially in the East and Mid-West.  I ca...
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Sanity Savers for 2014: Pick Your “No’s.”

Learn to Decline Gracefully Often the most stressful tasks are those we could have avoided if we knew how to say “no.”   It’s imperative to figu...
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The Art of the Upgrade—How to Get the Best Table or the Best Room

Whether you’re heading out for a special dinner or taking a well-earned vacation, you want to get the most for your money.  Here are some tips for get...
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