Performance Advantage

At your location or at our state-of-the-art training center, each engagement with Tamara Jacobs Communications, Inc. is custom-designed to develop the voice and raise the potential of our clients.

Our clients range from small business owners to executives of Fortune 500 companies in the consumer, financial, health care and pharmaceutical industries. Through the use of innovative techniques and training methods, we empower their employees, and help them to develop their personal brand awareness and improve their presentation & facilitation skills.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Large Scale Meeting Services (National/International) A "one-stop shop" we ensure the maximum impact of every presenter, strategically integrating with all venues and production environments through strategic theming, messaging, agenda development, visual support, scripting, speaker coaching/support, talent acquisition,
  • Communication/Presentation/Influencing Skills - One-on-one or in groups, across a wide variety of industries and businesses, we develop a customized approach that will empower all participants to enhance their ability to inform, persuade and ultimately get their audience to act on their information.
  • Leadership Development - Our customized leadership development workshops enhance the skills of all participants to maximize the engagement of their team members, while focusing their strengths to achieve their organization's shared visions.
  • Executive Coaching - Sequenced one-on-one sessions for executives and high potentials develop the skills to allow them to reach the next level, as well as maximize their performance in their current position.
  • Key Opinion Leader Clinical Speaker Training - We develop memorable KOL messaging, efficient management of slide decks, train on impact and persuasion techniques, ensure compliance with fair and balanced content, and customize presentations for specific audiences
  • Personal Branding - Our workshops develop your personal brand, maximize your key attributes, train on marketing your brand, and methodology around leveraging your brand equity. Your ability to inform, persuade and get people to act on your information is tied directly to the quality and delivery of your personal brand.   
  • Message Development/Scripting - Whether preparing a major new branding initiative, media appearance, large-scale meeting presentation, or high-profile speaking engagement, TJC, Inc., as a core competency, from concept through execution, delivers customized messaging and scripting services.
  • Managing Meeting Technology - As technology becomes part of every meeting experience, we train on methods to ensure the usage of webinars/WebEx's, telcons, iPAD's, Power Point and video conferences enhance the messaging and desired meeting outcomes rather than overwhelm them. 
  • Individual CV Preparation - Our coaching will result in an impactful and memorable resume that stresses key accomplishments and objectives, maximizing past performance and minimizing clutter. 




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